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who is this dreadlockèd phantasmanaut?

casually delirious
2 May
math makes me hot. rawr.

80s cartoons, abstract art, acting, adbusters, ahimsa, alcohol, amélie, ani difranco, animal rights, animals, anime, anorexia, arai akino, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, autechre, bass, being barefoot, being manic, being wired, bellows falls, binge smoking, boards of canada, bones, brattleboro, breakfast at tiffany's, cereal, chemical brothers, cigarettes, co-ops, coffee, coffee and cigarettes, colors, cooking, deepsky, deftones, digeridoos, diy, doing things for others, dreadlocks, dreaming, e.e. cummings, electronica, elegance, emily dickinson, evanescence, fat girl break down, fat!so?, feminism, fiends, food not bombs, foreign films, foreign languages, french class, fruit, fruits, gay rights, geeky boys, girls, glasses, glitter, green tea, guitar, helena bonham carter, hemp, hummus, imbalanced electrolyte highs, incubus, insomnia, intelligence, jacques prévert, juvenile orion, kiyoharu, kuroyume, ladytron, leah andreone, learning, love, ma vie en rose, making music, manic street preachers, margaret cho, marijuana, marya hornbacher, math, mindless self indulgence, morning musume, my characters, my own little world, my writings, mylène farmer, old movies, orthorexia, patchouli, peace, peter pan, poetry, pretending i'm a poet, putney, radiohead, rainbow brite, random hugs, reading, robert frost, rome, science, shrooms, singing, smiling, speaking french, strawberry, super mario bros., surrealism, sylvia plath, t.s. eliot, teaching, thinking, tomato&nayo sandwiches, tomatoes, travelling, tweakspeak, twiggy, underworld, vanessa mae, veganism, vegetables, veggieboards, vermont, violin, vivien leigh, wasabi peas, way out west, welfare cereal, wishing i were french, women's rights, writing, yerba maté, younger boys